Coaching and Personal Growing

LIFE COACHING   A life coach is a professional who helps you identify your dreams and turn them into real, positive projects and then helps you to carry them out effectively. Once he or she understands, if necessary, what you really want in your life, he or she will help you focus and will map out with you the most appropriate strategy for removing the obstacles which set themselves between you and your dreams, in order to identify and strengthen your resources and qualities and proceed clearly and gratifyingly towards your goals. The tools used by the life coach vary and also depend on the training of the latter and on the field of application. I personally believe that the more a coach’s training takes him or her into different spheres, the more his or her approach will be 333 flexible, tailored and suited to the individual. For this reason, alongside the techniques most commonly used by life coaches, I have added tools of differing origins, originating from my specific knowledge, that is to say yoga, Reiky, past life regression, developing intuition…( for the specific theory on these topics in general go to ACTIVITY by clicking here)  which can be tailored to the person and his or her requirements or needs.


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